Monday, June 2, 2008

Drive Bys Around The World

Today is Melissa Michaels's "Drive Bys" Around The World .
For more information you can visit her blog.
I put on my running shoes,took the camera and walked to the alley for a special drive bys around our home.
Here it's what I saw from camera eye!

I zoomed here for more details of that colorful window.
Look at this balcony,although I zoomed here again but I couldn't get a better picture ,it's far but cute I can't miss it.

And this fresh garden
And the last but not the least

Did you notice how many arches did I show you!!It seems in our neighborhood people love arches.;)
Wish you have great drive bys in your lives.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Chair!

I promised to show you the step by step works on this chair, but I couldn't find the pictures so I just show you what it was in the first day .It was so dirty that I can't even touch it.

It looks much better now!
After cleaning I stated painting,first a coat of white and then gold touches.