Friday, September 28, 2007

My Grandma Vitrin

These are not mine as friends thought in last post.I just enjoy looking at them,they are still in grandpa house.And one day,not too far they'll go to different way and never be as complete as now.I think after 30,40 or more years in one vitrin they'll miss each other:(

"Show and Tell Friday"

Today is Kelli's Friday show and tell.
I want show you my grandma's treasure!!!At least for me as little girl they were treasure.I used to love looking at them.But it's just a show without any tell!!I don't know the story behind them and I'm deeply sorry for not asking her when she was here.

I'll send other pictures in next post,there was some problem with the net!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to my home!

These days I am always late for everything,even Autumn as I said,so it's not strange that I'm late for Kara cottage party.But at last I arrived!!
Welcome here it is,my home.I hope you like it;)

Now inside!My reading cozy corner.

As soon as I can I'll take more pictures.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome Autumn!

Happy new day of Autumn.
Is anybody around to tell me: "Good morning,Autumn is already here around two days!!!"
This year I was a little late for Autumn, Yesterday morning the soul of Autumn suddenly catch me, made me to move, I started cleaning the home, from top to bottom, I felt like a host who have an important guest at the door, I cleaned, washed, rearranged furniture, brought outdoor chair & making a cozy corner for reading, I changed the colors to Autumn mood, covers , cushions ...
And at the moment I finished it all the door rang. Autumn arrived at the same moment with my husband, when I opened the door for him I saw Autumn with all its beauty and its special scent. I love its scent. Now he is hear in all my room, he was waiting for me to clean the house.
what do you think Autumn is : a she or a he!!!????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flower Arranging

You see when we redecorate a room or clean our houses what is the final touch,what complete our interior design,YES a bunch of flower.
Arranging flower is really an art. When I see beautiful flower arrangement I thought Oh I can do that.but when I actually try it I feel that it's not as easy as it looks .
Some good days the flowers have sense of cooperation, standing at the
right place, creating a master piece, and some other days they act like naughty kids,do as they wish!

This is a small arrangement, made in a breakfast cup and saucer. When making such an arrangement, the size and colouring of the cup and saucer used must be taken into account
If you have a little naughty boy who cut off head of miserable flowers & offers you with love,the only way for saving them is float them in a law dish of water ,you can also add small floating candles for a delightful dinner party table center.He will be proud of himself,gave you a hand;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Water feature


Water is pure,
Water is natural,
Water is healthy,
Water can help all

Water is simple,
Water is free,
Water can help the lives,
The lives of you and me

Olivia Taylor

I Love water feature ,they look great as well as add some sound and movement to our gardens.I love water sound under shade of a tree.

Traditional style coupled with the sound of running water.

Classical style stone solar effect fountain birdbath ,I like it's name birdbath:)

If you have space for each of these water feature,add it to your garden,you wouldn't be sorry.