Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome Autumn!

Happy new day of Autumn.
Is anybody around to tell me: "Good morning,Autumn is already here around two days!!!"
This year I was a little late for Autumn, Yesterday morning the soul of Autumn suddenly catch me, made me to move, I started cleaning the home, from top to bottom, I felt like a host who have an important guest at the door, I cleaned, washed, rearranged furniture, brought outdoor chair & making a cozy corner for reading, I changed the colors to Autumn mood, covers , cushions ...
And at the moment I finished it all the door rang. Autumn arrived at the same moment with my husband, when I opened the door for him I saw Autumn with all its beauty and its special scent. I love its scent. Now he is hear in all my room, he was waiting for me to clean the house.
what do you think Autumn is : a she or a he!!!????

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh for sure a "she"...Mother Nature of course. I love autumn, too. Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. Lovely post!!