Thursday, May 29, 2008

A decorated entrance!

Show and Tell

I started my career as a decorator,here is the entrance that I decorated this week.
I want to know my friend's ideas.all criticisms are accepted .

I found this chair in a garage sale and colored it to white and gold.

You all knew it,isn't a right place for it? matched there.
I used my pressed flowers here

I colored the walls(above of wall papers ) with sponging.
Thanks dear Kelli for another Show and Tell.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Garden again!

My today adventure to the net
.When I want to have fun as a break I go to garden sites and these are what I saw today, so I think I can share them with you.
Look at these love seats,I love love seats although I have never had ones.
As soon as I find a space for it I'll buy one.

And this arch,don't you think each garden need ones?

Clocks,I like to see them every where even on garden walls.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Give love to the children

Give Love to the children Children need love everyday
Give love to the children Guide them on their way
Love's like a burning flame consumes all that stands in the way

Love is the only power on earth to take all the hatred away
Love is the sun the moon and the stars love is a golden ring

Love is the one thing the whole world desires be it beggar or king
GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN youth has not long to stay
Love is a long term investment the best you will find any day

Love like the rising sun takes all the darkness away
Our children will tell their children and their childrens children will say
Give love to the children they are our crock of gold
and if perchance they ever stray they will come back to the fold

Give love to the children the children of today
Give love to the children and love will come to stay.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home sweet home

Today is Marina's party.We should show what we love about our homes.

So welcome to my little home.Let start from the garden.

This is my little pond,I made it myself and i always enjoy it's lovely water sound.
One of my first project of stenciling.They let me have a fresh garden even in winter . Now welcome inside
My collection of birds a wall full of birds.

And here my living room with to many chair, space for all of you so fell at home & I'll bring you coffee with a new fruit pie that is just from the oven .

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Step by step broject!

Show & Tell!

My first experience in woodcraft was really interesting & exciting.;)
I love to be a carpenter & I feel like one with just making this letter box.
I started with this strawberry boxes,they looked tempting.
I started with least of instruments.I had just an iron saw that was not good for wood & sandpaper.

After painting I stumped on it with my garden leaves.
Oh today is Friday, how time fly!!!yesterday was Friday!!!???
Ok I can publish this post as a Show and tell hosted by Kelli.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Garden accessories

I love them all, they add an accent to your style.
I think Adding the right decor to your garden allows your personality and style to shine as brightly as the carefully chosen accessories for a speciall night dress.