Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Garden Stencil

I often wonder how anyone can be bored in a world that is full of beauty,charm and adventure,
recently I wonder how people can be bored of their houses or their environment when they can change or renew it easily.Today I suggest you try stencil.there are the pictures of my garden wall.
I painted it last year,they looked brighter when where new and fresh
Fresh experiences keep us young at heart and full of fun, so why not just make a craft or draw a picture that changes our mood?
make your own mural stencil.

there is some garden stencil,my next project

2124 Topiary and 2125 Urn

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Color Scheme

I am trying to create a harmonious color scheme for a room,calm and comfortable.

A calm, neutral color scheme, allows natural elements like wood, stone and fabric to impart richness and contrast into this cozy interior.

Neutral Colors Schemes – Plain and simple:

Neutral colors primarily consist of a selection grays, beiges, tans, creams and taupe. These colors generally work with most other colors making them excellent choices as background colors for walls and ceilings. In this manner, more vibrant color choices can be executed in the interior in the form of fabrics, draperies and curtains, rugs and carpets, objects, furniture and accessories like throw-pillows, lamp shades and pictures or paintings.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Try this!

Here's a test.

1. Make sure the image below fills your computer screen.
2. Look at the image at a distance of 8-12 inches or 20-30 centimeters from the screen.
3. Stare at the black dot in the middle of the white star for 30 seconds. Keep your focus on the black dot or the test will not work.
4. After 30 seconds, shift your focus to the black dot in the middle of the white rectangle. Once again, you must focus, you absolutely must hold your focus on the black dot in the middle of the white square after the 30 seconds pass, or this will not work.


black and white star test

What did you see?

Did you see a grey star on the white square.? If you didn't, reread the instructions, and take the test again. Make sure you are close enough to the image.

This time the issue is color contrast. The difference between white and black creates excessive activity in the eye's ability to adjust to dark and light - and this fatigues the eye. The same thing happens when you try to read white papers on a black or dark desk.


About color

Our lives are full of color and generally we accept color as part of our lives in a casual and nonchalant manner. But color affects us very deeply, on a physical level, an emotional and psychological level and a spiritual level. Our individual identities are largely expressed by our own personal understandings or feelings toward color. It defines our fashion sensibilities, expressed in our ability to create art, our interior and exterior environments, and can encourage or adversely affect our health and well being. Color can be calming and passive, expressive and vital. Yet what makes color work? How do we relate to color, use it in our lives, manipulate it and master it even while most people have no true understanding of what color is?

At face value color is a scientific phenomenon, measurable and definable with rules and boundaries. But the way we experience color is personal. No color is seen the same way by any two people. Color may have different meanings to people in different cultures.


It's a theory a belief which my friend insist on it. he says"maybe the green that you see is the red that I see"It's a little dazzling

if I see the colors brighter or you experience color in your unique way no one can be blamed for bad test,because we see completely different word,we look at two worlds.maybe the way of our seeing makes our behavior and our individuality.

read it,its interesting:

What happens when chickens see red?

A company* that markets red contact lenses for chickens (at 20 cents a pair), points to medical studies showing that chickens wearing red-tinted contact lenses behave differently from birds that don't. They eat less, produce more and don't fight as much. This decreases aggressive tendencies and birds are less likely to peck at each other causing injury. A spokesman said the lenses will improve world egg-laying productivity by $600 million a year.

(Perhaps everything looks red and they cannot distinguish combs, wattles, or blood. Or ...perhaps the chickens are happier because they're viewing the world through rose colored glasses.)

* Animalens Inc. of Wellesley, Mass
If you don't believe this, read the facts! Click here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


patina green coating that forms on the surface of old bronze or copper,now a days it's one of wall effects like sponging or rag rolling

Creating special effects: Sponging

There are many decoration tips allowing you to add a personal touch to your home. Some of them are quite simple to realize and yields extraordinary results. Sponging is a perfect example.

Today I was just like it or searching for patina and the techniques of application.I want to try it on my friend walls.hope to see her like not bye

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

your home &you

whenever i enter a house as a guest while i am waiting for my host to bring tea for me my eyes move around and i find the owners character from the color and texture of decoration as someone said,
I fell strongly that your home should express who you are ,how about you, fell the same way ,your house express you or not
I have a friend that her house express nothing,she is one of those people who believe decorative rooms are just in magazines.
She wanted me to decorate her home ,wish me luck

Monday, June 18, 2007


Whether you want to see your own reflection, reflect an interesting view, create a focal point or light up a dark corner, mirrors are a versatile accessories that add sparkle and space. If also you have a useless dusty mirror under your bed, that takes space and is a pain on the neck, you can make it with a few pieces of decorative plaster and paint to a stunning piece of art. That will astonish your guest with open mouthes.
If you are looking for decorative mirror to accent your home decor, make it!
After this project, I learnd that mirrors are not only practical, but can be lovely works of art ,enhancing your home in many useful ways.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last year I was deeply involved with a strange problem , simply I hated bathing One afternoon tired of a long repellent bath I decided to solve my problem, felt as a psychologist (because recently I read a book about psychology. Books have a great role in my life, I act like a doctor after reading one medicine book, as well as great chief with a baking book) After ages of thinking (about ten minutes), I found out I hate my bath environment, not bathing My problem solved with three bars of wood , a new bath curtain,some flowers and boarders. Now I love spending hours and hours under shower;)
Not only I discovered my talent but I found out with changing a few pieces you can completely have new mood inside and outside.

My second project was garden. I love gardening, I plant all kind of flowers in my 6 square meters garden! It was a little small for pond and colorful water lilies, so I made it. It does it's job as well as a great pool, producing lovely sound of water, what I need for evening tea.
Gardening is a real stress buster helping relieve feelings of anxiety and providing a break from the general rush of life. Gardening gives me a chance to think about my concerns ( good memories ). Spending few hours day dreaming. Doctors believe gardening is one of physical activities in mantaining health and reducing the risk of heart disease, but while I am gardening I am not thinking as much about health as I am about making a beautiful surrounding. Watering plants and pathing them gives me a feeling of gladness and great pleasure and flowers are so generous in returning my favor with full blooming and fascinating scent. The site of a new born bull in an early morning vanish all the pressure, oh it's too poetic, but when I speak about gardening I go to a romantic mood.

My lovely daisies, "they are so friendly", as Meg Ryan said in "You've got mail".
Send me a picture of your garden, I will be glad to help you decorate, with giving ideas, most of you will say, there is no place in these tiny houses for gardening, and I will say gardening can make your small balcony, a love cosy corner for evening coffee, reading magazine or talking with a friend. Gardening gives you the satisfaction of doing a job "well done". Let me help you.