Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last year I was deeply involved with a strange problem , simply I hated bathing One afternoon tired of a long repellent bath I decided to solve my problem, felt as a psychologist (because recently I read a book about psychology. Books have a great role in my life, I act like a doctor after reading one medicine book, as well as great chief with a baking book) After ages of thinking (about ten minutes), I found out I hate my bath environment, not bathing My problem solved with three bars of wood , a new bath curtain,some flowers and boarders. Now I love spending hours and hours under shower;)
Not only I discovered my talent but I found out with changing a few pieces you can completely have new mood inside and outside.

My second project was garden. I love gardening, I plant all kind of flowers in my 6 square meters garden! It was a little small for pond and colorful water lilies, so I made it. It does it's job as well as a great pool, producing lovely sound of water, what I need for evening tea.
Gardening is a real stress buster helping relieve feelings of anxiety and providing a break from the general rush of life. Gardening gives me a chance to think about my concerns ( good memories ). Spending few hours day dreaming. Doctors believe gardening is one of physical activities in mantaining health and reducing the risk of heart disease, but while I am gardening I am not thinking as much about health as I am about making a beautiful surrounding. Watering plants and pathing them gives me a feeling of gladness and great pleasure and flowers are so generous in returning my favor with full blooming and fascinating scent. The site of a new born bull in an early morning vanish all the pressure, oh it's too poetic, but when I speak about gardening I go to a romantic mood.

My lovely daisies, "they are so friendly", as Meg Ryan said in "You've got mail".
Send me a picture of your garden, I will be glad to help you decorate, with giving ideas, most of you will say, there is no place in these tiny houses for gardening, and I will say gardening can make your small balcony, a love cosy corner for evening coffee, reading magazine or talking with a friend. Gardening gives you the satisfaction of doing a job "well done". Let me help you.

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