Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Wall Full Of Birds

I don't know when love of birds is born inside me,as long as I remember I love birds especially these cute little ones.

Press flower with drawing,I made it with help of my mother in law
I see birds every where,even on the clocks,as soon as I saw it in the store I knew I want it
water color
They are napkins,I made frames for them& they look like original pictures!
My first stitching


Utah Grammie said...

Oh, I love your wall of birds! I especially like the pressed flower-drawen bird one! Very nice - looks comfortalbe - the way a home should look!

diba said...

what a great idea to have all kind of birds on your wall it looks so nice!!

The Feathered Nest said...

I love birds too - that clock is great. The wall looks wonderful with all of those bird things grouped together.


melissa said...

Love your wall of birds! Especially that clock! Just saw a comment you made and with a name like Decor4U, of course I had to stop by for some inspiration! Thanks!

Rhona said...

Great work.