Friday, January 4, 2008

Paint Effects!

Hi everyone and happy new year.
People when bought a book craft ,art or any kind of these" like this paint effect that I bought" they first read it look at all details, try it on paper or simple and small project,ask some experts and then when they were sure of themselves they start.
But I just bought this book looked or just glanced at the pages with out reading a line I painted my living room wall,
And this is the result!!!first it looked terrible!!!!
But with furniture it looks much better or at least acceptable
My husband is on a trip ,It'll be a great surprise for him,he'll look like or worst or maybe after seeing the wall, my masterpiece!!


Barbara Jacksier said...

Okay. The suspense is killing me. Did he give your efforts a thumbs up?

interiores 3d said...

Fantastico, lo mejor, lo valiente que eres y todo por la sorpresa a tu marido.
Quizás le falte alguna capa más de pintura para lograr más uniformidad y cubrir las zonas que están en blanco.
Saludos, Interiores 3de, en España.

Fantastic, the better(best) thing, the brave thing that you are and everything for the surprise to your husband.
Probably he(she) lacks some cap more of painting to achieve more uniformity and to cover the zones that are in white(target). Regards, Interiors 3de, in Spain