Monday, April 28, 2008

A day for making Dolma or Dolmeh!

My mother in law called us to help her in making Dolmeh!(grape leave rolls)
It's Turkish, Arabic or even Persian food.
It's really strange but really really delicious!!strange, because of eating leaves!have you ever eaten leaves?
It's kind of sour & sweet food,it's yummy!I love it.
The most important ingredient of this food is grape leaves, without grape leaves you
can't make it for sure we used fresh ones,the new born, spring leaves .Spring is season of dolma!
We were talking about ingredients,yes!I have no idea about thatI have never made the filling, I just rolled it.let's look at the picture .I can see the rices,minced meat,split peas and the green ones, parsley

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A said...


Just my wish: test these delicious and great looking Dolmas.

May I?