Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Teen Artist!

Let's have an auction!
Not a real auction,it's better called suggestion.
Lilly(an unknown artist!!!) decided to try or start her new business but she has no idea
about prices so help her with your suggestions, then we think over it and chose a final price;)

I am one of her first customers.I bought it for my bird collection.
You can visit my previous post, Bird Collection


nannykim said...

Really pretty stuff--maybe you can do a search on google or at ebay and see how similar items are priced! She might be able to sell on ebay or on the etsy shop --see the following : Tracy sells stuff that she makes through the etsy shop so you could contact her--her blog is and she as an etsy shop on her side bar --somewhere she gives her email address---maybe if you click on her etsy site or just ask in a comment--she can tell you how it works!

design for mankind. said...


You had asked who the photog. was on my blog a few days ago--- it was me! I'm flattered you liked it.

The Feathered Nest said...

Very lovely stuff! I would check ebay, etsy or other art venues and see what similar objects are priced at.


mjb coffee said...

OH! I want three or three of those lovely eggs. They are marlevou The eggs are so cute.!

Anonymous said...

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